DxE uses G Suite as our main email provider. Users also use their G Suite accounts frequently for Google Docs.

Onboarding process

For someone to obtain a new G Suite account (commonly referred to as a "DxE email address"), the Tech team must receive SF Bay Core approval. The Core team must discuss it at a Core meeting, then they must email Tech with the request. If anyone not on Core asks for a G Suite account, we should direct them to contact Core.

Offboarding process


Password resets

Password resets can be requested by emailing the Tech team.

Resets are performed in the G Suite Admin Console. Please use the "email temporary password" option when resetting a user's password.

Google Groups

Most mailing lists that are used within DxE (other than large public-facing Sendy lists) are created as Google Groups.

Bay Area working group mailing list membership syncs with the ADB, so changes for those working groups must be made in the ADB.

To unsubscribe someone from all DxE Google Groups, you can use this tool: ec2.dxe.io/unsubscribe/google-mailinglist-membership. Note that all requests to this tool are logged. (TODO: add github link)


Most users are required to use Google Authenticator (or similar). This is enforced by the "2FA Enforced" OU in G Suite.

A few users are required to use hardware keys. This is enforced by the "FIDO2 Enforced" OU in G Suite.

You can assign users to a specific OU in the G Suite Admin Console.