Improve DxE’s online presence

The following goals will be measured using Google analytics.

  1. Drive $1000/month in new one-time donations, and $500/month in new monthly donations by December 2017
    • Currently at $65 in new monthly donations and $25 in new one-time donations for January (from 1/4-1/17)
    • Hand this goal off to fundraising team once they are ready to take it
  2. Increase the number of email signups on our list to 2,000 a month by December 2017
    • 760 sign ups in December, on track for 518 in January
  3. Get 40k/month website visits overall, 8k/month from organic Google traffic, 12k/month from adwords, and 6k/month from Facebook by December 2017
    • Currently: 20k/month overall, 4k/month organic, 6k/month adwords, 3.5k/month facebook

Make DxE activists more effective through technology

  • Make progress on Tech WG tasks. (Not measured, but it could be.)
  • Make sure all working groups know that they can ask for help from us for new projects or as “tech support”. Measure with a quarterly survey sent to all working groups.
  • Specifically work more closely with the Outreach and Protest working groups to make sure their needs are met, and go above and beyond to help them with projects. Measure with a more detailed quarterly survey sent to Outreach and Protest working groups.