How to Join

To join the tech working group, new people need to meet the tech working group standards:

  • Have come to three meetings (in person or over video chat)
  • Agree with DxE’s organizing principles:
  • Agree to follow through with DxE Tech Membership responsibilities (see Responsibilities section below)
  • The consensus of a quorum of tech working group members, where quorum is defined as more than half of the total membership.

After the new member has been voted on, do the following:

You don’t need to be a member of the tech working group to sit in on meetings. Basically joining means you’ve made a commitment to the tech team and you get access to the mailing list.

Member Responsibilities

Tech working group members have certain responsibilities that they try to uphold. We want DxE Tech to be an inclusive group: it’s awesome if you come and do a lot of DxE Tech work, it’s awesome if you come and just do non-DxE Tech work, it’s awesome if you come and just chill with folks! Everyone who comes contributes something valuable to the tech working group.

Because tech working group members have some privileges (e.g. being on the mailing list, learning about some investigations early, …), there are some responsibilities that we try to hold ourselves to:

  • Be good to each other!
    • Strive to create an inclusive environment. Especially because tech is skewed white and male, try hard to make those who don’t fit the usual “tech” mold feel welcome.
    • This hasn’t been a problem in the past. Once this becomes a problem, I assume we’ll fill this section out :)
  • Commit to coming to either one or two meetings a week.
    • What this means:
      • If you commit to coming to two meetings a week going forward, then you try to make it to both meetings a week. If you can’t make it to a meeting, you should let folks know on the FB chat.
      • If you commit to coming to one meeting a week going forward, then you should commit to making either the Tuesday or Wednesday meeting. If you can’t make it to that meeting, then you should let folks know on the FB chat.
    • This is important because it creates consistency and forward momentum. An approximate definition of a working group member is someone who you expect to see at every meeting unless they say they can’t make it. We should hold ourselves to that standard.
    • This commitment is supposed to be lightweight and shouldn’t stress you out! The commitment just means you’re going to try your best to make them because you think it’s valuable to attend the meetings.
    • NOTE: It’s okay to miss meetings! Just let folks know every time you’re going to miss one.
      • If you’re busy with work, it’s also okay to come to the meeting and just do non-DxE tech work! Doing non-DxE work (or even just hanging out) is always okay at tech meetings.
    • You can always change your commitment level. E.g. you get too busy and want to lower it to 1 a week, or you have more free time and want to do 2 meetings a week.
    • For new members, we encourage them to commit to coming to 2 meetings a week.
      • Folks who come to 2 meetings a week tend to have the best experience and most impact, and we want to set new folks up for success.
  • TENTATIVE (not in effect yet, still in trial mode) Come to the monthly DxE Tech retrospective meeting
    • The monthly retrospective meeting is important so we can reflect on what we’ve done well and what we can improve, and so we can discuss bigger changes to the tech working group.
    • Ideally, all members (even those on hiatus) will attend.
      • We want members on hiatus to come too because we don’t want them to become too out of the loop (because they’re still on the mailing list). Coming to one meeting every month shouldn’t be too much of a burden.
    • Of course, if you miss one meeting, that’s fine. Just let us know you can’t make it.
    • BETA TEST: Make these meetings mandatory if they work out and turn out to be productive.
      • Get feedback about meetings and how to improve them
  • Opt-in status meetings (not really a responsibility, but something we do)
    • Have these at the end of the bi-weekly meetings
    • These will be opt-in for people actively working on DxE Tech projects
      • Basically, people without status updates do not have to attend. You can be in DxE Tech and not work on Tech projects, so we don’t want to stress those people out.
    • Can certainly opt-out (no pressure!)


If you can no longer commit to going to at least one meeting a week, you can go on hiatus. (Missing one or two weeks is okay). If you are on hiatus, you are still on the mailing list but you’re considered “on leave” from the tech team.

Standards for being on hiatus:

  • Coming to at least one meeting a month (even if it’s only briefly. It’s okay if you work on non-tech team related tasks also)
  • You are encouraged, but not required, to still interact with people on the mailing list and FB chat and help out however you can.


If you can’t commit to one meeting a month, or you really don’t want to be on the tech team, you may leave the tech team. (In extraordinary circumstances, you may be asked to leave the tech team.)

When someone leaves the tech team:

  • Remove them from the tech working group in the activist database (ask Almira if you don’t know how to do that)
  • Remove them from the FB group
  • If someone leaves the tech team on good terms, let them know that they can rejoin whenever they want.
    • To rejoin the tech team, you need to go through the same procedure for joining as brand new members.

How to update the membership process

Any changes to the membership process require the consensus of a quorum of members, where a quorum is defined as more than half of the total membership.